Add a man cave or a ladies lounge to your home!

This is the first in a two-part series about how to personalize rooms in your home for him or her. A well-appointed Man Cave or Ladies Lounge can add vision and value to your home – just be sure you don’t add so many personal features (at least the ones you’ll need to leave behind) that it surpasses the price point or alienates the taste of prospective buyers.

In generations past, the garage was man’s refuge. A work bench. A fixer-upper of an automobile. If you’re lucky, an over-the-air TV an old refrigerator filled with canned beer.

And while a good garage space is still worth its weight in tire irons, men of the 21st century have grown to appreciate a little more luxury when it comes to personal space. State-of-the-art electronics, comfortable furniture, and personal touches are paramount for the so-called Man Cave, which typically originates as an extra bedroom, office, or a basement. 

So, what does a modern Man Cave include? We found some sources that can help. And though we won’t go in-depth on the resale side of things, we give you all of this information with the caveat that when designing a Man Cave or Ladies Lounge, you’ll want to walk that fine line between “making it yours” and “overdoing it.” Because while a backsplash tiled into the design of a Dallas Cowboys football helmet may be awesome to you, your next prospective buyer may be an Eagles fan. 

If you’re in the market and would prize a home that already has a Man Cave – or are trying to sell a house that has one – has some tips for what to look for. 

Tips include keeping the TV and the drink station top-of-mind. To wit: make the seating plentiful enough for the entire family to enjoy, and make sure the beverages are nearby. And manly doesn’t have to mean “cold.” Use comfortable furniture and add a fireplace or wood stove, if possible, to take advantage of cozy nights. Trust us, guys. You’ll thank us. 

If you prefer to let the pictures do the talking, check out the gallery at These photos include lavish spaces that turn your man room into everything from a sports book to a high-end auto auction to an actual cave. 

The coolest of the cool stuff can be found at the aptly name Did you know that a secret bookshelf passageway will only cost you $3,000? For our money, we’ll take the whiskey barrel coffee table at $795, or the magnetic bottle holders (they hang from the top of your fridge) for $39.99. 

A Man Cave can be whatever you want it to be – even open-air. has a great gallery that includes a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen. If you’re looking for your guy space to also increase the value of your home, this would be a fantastic idea. 

Want to keep an eye on a constant flow of new Man Cave ideas? Check out the “Man Cave” Pinterest board. (You don’t need an account to view it fellas.) 

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